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Commercial Security System & IT Support

BayTech Nerds specialize in delivering Security Surveillance Installation, IT Managed Network Solutions, Data Centers, and (coming soon) Door Access Control. We focus on multi-site corporations such as retail stores, restaurant, warehouse, hotels, multi-tenant properties, startups, and virtually any size organization.


Commercial Security Systems is critical component to the success of every business so we pride our self with a passion for each customer we acquire. To assure safety and security!


Our services are about more than surveillance system installation or data center.  It’s our commitment to client success before and after the task that sets us apart from our competitors.  When we tackle a project that integrates our services, we take a all-inclusive approach to installing CCTV camera, Access Control Systems, Data Center, or IT Technician support.  From the commerce process to the final customer training, we treat our customers like our partner because that’s the BayTech Nerds approach.  

Protect your Business

CCTV & Surveillance

Weatherproof, vandal-resistant, 4K resolution, wide-angle, color night vision, two-way talk 

Come with multiple recording modes, pre-installed hard drives, and provide a connection to your system and mobile apps, and Capable of running 24/7 with issues.

We design, build, integrate and install security system to help protect our client; data, product and people with many years of experience

Power Management

Data Center Design

Power Management

Installation server racks & aisle 

Maintenance, Cleaning & Remediation


Software Management

Credentials & Readers

Intercoms & Entry systems

27/7 Support Team



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