The world we live in today is filled with constant threats of attacks which have in turn led to a tremendous increase in the installation of Security and Surveillance cameras to improve the level of safety, both in the private and public sectors.

There’s a wide range of sophisticated security systems, which you can select and combine different ranges of devices to build a surveillance system to suit the specific security of your business.


Bullet Camera

Another name is “Lipstick” camera which resembles the rifle bullet. Cameras are fairly small and have a fixed focal lens. They are usually ceiling or wall-mounted and pointed at a particular area that is being surveyed, offering a substantial viewing range.

Dome Camera

Sits in dome-shape housing designed to make it less conspicuous. Dome cameras are popular in retail stores,  has the classic tinted/smoked covers makes it difficult to see where the lens is pointing.

Video Camera Lens

Night Vision Camera

These cameras are useful where there are no light or low lux conditions. These video surveillance cameras are capable of seeing images in pitch-black condition using IR LEDs, and produce high-resolution color video.

Internet Protocol (IP) Camera

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Wired, Wireless & Wire-Free


  •  Most reliable connection option where both the power and video needed to be installed


  • Connected to a power source uses Wi-Fi network to transmit footage,

  • upload the feed to the cloud, Flexible mounting locations 



  •  Best for location lack access to power source or footage transmit accessibility

  •  Replaceable or rechargeable batteries for power and uses SIM to transmit wireless to a video receiver  

PTZ Camera

Pan-tilt-zoom camera that allows an operator to control remotely and have the capabilities and are capable of remote directions and zoom control. You might want to consider this camera to serve your business in more than one way in areas that serve many purposes.

There are three main types of security reorders

Digital Video Recorder

A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) analog signal to the recorder using Coaxial BNC cable 

 The DVR then encodes the footage and stores it for safekeeping.

Network Video Recorder

A Network Video Recorder (NVR) is compatible with IP security cameras. The IP camera captures and encodes video footage which is then sent to the NVR through a Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet cable for secure storage.

Wire-Free DVR

As the name implies, a wire-free DVR only works with our wire-free cameras. There are two main models - one requires a wireless receiver to connect the cameras to the DVR, while the other has a built-in wireless receiver pre-installed.

Recording Devices 

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